In late 2017 our client bought a tranquil 1.5 acre site at the end of a secluded lane in Woodside with expansive views of the valley and the Redwood Creek watershed. The site featured an old ranch-style house, steep slopes and heavy oak vegetation. The existing house was demolished and we nestled a new, 5 bedroom, 6,700 sf (approx, including garage), 2 story, modern open-plan single family home into the site in approximately the same location, using existing man-made features such as the terracing and driveways. The new house showcases a modern rural Woodside aesthetic, featuring natural materials – concrete, stone and wood. Large expanses of glazing and the pool are oriented to the views, taking advantage of the natural setting. The natural features on site including the stream corridor and the oak forest are being preserved, and the site is being enhanced with native vegetation and drought tolerant landscaping.

The Planning approval process required a setback exception from the Town of Woodside.

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