The project site is a relatively flat stretch of beachfront facing the Sea of Oman in a highly anticipated multi-billion dollar, multi-phase development. MASON Architects was asked to complete a Masterplan Validation & Refinement for the Waterfront / Residential component of the project, and provide design and schematic design for the residential / retail elements in a futuristic Omani architectural vernacular.

The Waterfront component includes 3 beachfront hotels, apartments and luxury apartments, villas, retail, F&B, a 30,000 sq m equestrian facility, and a beachfront plaza and promenade.

During the refinement process MASON Architects was able to significantly increase the density of the residential units; relocate the hotels to differentiate the hospitality experiences, and leverage the beach experience for every element within the component to create a vibrant and comfortable experience for residents and visitors alike.

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