On the outskirts of the culturally rich city of Jaipur, an influential local family partnered with Four Seasons Hotels to plan the development of a 100 acre parcel on the southern shore of Jal Mahal lake. The project was envisioned to include 2 luxury hotels, a conference and entertainment center, a retail bazaar and boat house. The centerpiece is a historic palace that “floats” in the center of the lake. This iconic structure currently serves as a visitor attraction. About a third of the site is dedicated to a nature preserve.

With a relaxed luxurious resort-style experience in mind the Master Plan envisioned a density that decreased as the visitor moved further into the site – from the surrounding retail and craft village with it’s tight streets to the open natural lagoons of the site. The distinct vernacular of Jaipur with it’s arterial boulevards and narrow winding streets was incorporated into the Master Plan to create an authentic and unique extension of the city to this lake front experience.

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